The worst SAFETY recalls for each major car brand! OMG!

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Have you ever found yourself wondering what some of the biggest car recalls of all time have been? Well if you have, then you’re in luck!

We’ve done some digging and we’ve compiled this list of the 25 biggest recalls of the past 30 years. Whether it be issues small issues affecting a handful of vehicles, or major issues that lead to hundreds of thousands of cars being recalled, they’ll be included in this list!

To clarify, the numbers included in this video are just for cars in the UK! The same issues are likely to have happened to cars outside of the UK, but unfortunately we don't have the numbers for those!

So, have you ever had to have one of your calls recalled? Let us know what it was in the comments, and whether it appeared in this list!

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Selected images of Vauxhall Astra F models licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Copyright Kieran White


  1. carwow

    carwowPrije 28 dana

    Share your ideal 3 car drag race line-up BELOW!

  2. Nrkeks

    NrkeksPrije 20 dana

    Mat vs Yianni vs cameraman

  3. Leandro Aragon

    Leandro AragonPrije 22 dana

    Volvo S6 T8 R Design x BMW M330e x Audi RS4

  4. Kevin Salminen

    Kevin SalminenPrije 23 dana

    I would like to see a Yugo vs. a Geo Metro. :). That would be interesting!!

  5. squid's don't have ankles

    squid's don't have anklesPrije 24 dana

    Volkswagen Up! GTI vs Polo GTI vs Golf GTI

  6. Jaesial Govender

    Jaesial GovenderPrije 25 dana

    Gather up all the Ford STs, old to new

  7. Mayank Maximum

    Mayank MaximumPrije dan

    Government: ev cars and airbags save Car guys and brand : no

  8. drxym

    drxymPrije 6 dana

    Car manufacturers don't have to recall. They get their actuaries and lawyers to work out how much it costs to fix something vs the legality of the fault, damages, fines, reputational damage and other liabilities of not fixing it.

  9. kelly weatherstone

    kelly weatherstonePrije 7 dana

    What about the zafira by Vauxhall? The heating system sets itself on fire

  10. Uludak

    UludakPrije 8 dana

    in the states toyota recalled 300k cars for serious engine faults that needed complete engine replacement in 2020. same year 1.5 mio cars for faulty fuel pump. 2021 Rav 4 is investigated for engine fire that could order them to recall 1.9 mio cars. but UKs toyota only had takata recall?

  11. Super Tuga

    Super TugaPrije 12 dana

    The problem is not the recall, the problem is when are problems and they don't recall, like WV did in my country.

  12. olizzz8

    olizzz8Prije 13 dana

    All 1.2 Puretech Peugeot engines timing belt crumbles and clogs into the oil at around 64k miles... Peugeot decided to put the timing belt in the oil so it crumbles and clogs the pump... Brilliant

  13. Nayeem Ali

    Nayeem AliPrije 17 dana

    Takata owns this list😂😂

  14. Aaron Cable

    Aaron CablePrije 18 dana

    My dad had a 2007 mondeo wich hit a tree fell on the bonnet while driving the air bag didnt go off we have 4 206s in the workshop at college doing motor vehicle and I've looked at some of the cars as a first car for myself I think that's all of it

  15. Euan Matthew2611

    Euan Matthew2611Prije 20 dana

    Mazda 6 drivers seat coming off its rails. That sounded like an exciting one

  16. Megan Burgasser

    Megan BurgasserPrije 20 dana

    Mi cry a new one

  17. Rory Bailey

    Rory BaileyPrije 21 dan

    My first car was a black fiat punto 1.6 sporting 3 door N reg being 17 years old was the best car on the road

  18. BIZKIT551

    BIZKIT551Prije 21 dan

    I had a 2008 1 series BMW with an outstanding recall for the heating system blower replacement. Apparently it could get hot enough to start or a fire... go figure

  19. TheFrag81

    TheFrag81Prije 21 dan

    Need to make a list about when manufacturers refused to recall like what Peugeot did with that same 206, when it was discovered that engines weren’t turning off with the ignition, resulting in overheating & catching fire

  20. Amish Dutt

    Amish DuttPrije 23 dana

    Last year My GLs 2018 model. Had rats in it and water soaked below the foot floor which caused all the electronics to Mal function. It is still a mystery how did the Rats come in. Could that be a manufacturing fault? Cauz the servicing guys didn't find anything. Said some window might be open🤷. I believe it was the AC ducts

  21. Coastal Rider

    Coastal RiderPrije 23 dana

    I see an e46 I click to watch lol

  22. Module 79L

    Module 79LPrije 23 dana

    I drove a 1997 Opel Astra Caravan between 2005 and 2018. Never had any issues with the brakes and I've never heard anything about any recalls. Could it have been a problem exclusive to the Vauxhall "version"?

  23. Kyle Holloway

    Kyle HollowayPrije 23 dana

    Typical rover. Don't think anyone misses them. Also, doesn't surprise me to see french cars on the list....

  24. alexandre dubois

    alexandre duboisPrije 23 dana

    1985 Audi Sport Quattro (306HP) vs 1990 Audi Quattro (220HP) vs 1992 Audi S2 (230HP). If you can find owners nice enough to give you the cars ;) Thanks and keep going, cool channel.

  25. Dariune

    DariunePrije 23 dana

    Takata makes some nice looking green racing harnesses, but boy do they suck at making airbags

  26. ZD 74

    ZD 74Prije 24 dana

    Already recalled my new 508 several times . Which is annoying me.

  27. Karel Simbwae

    Karel SimbwaePrije 24 dana

    Jeeps built between nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety nine.

  28. watchtheskies

    watchtheskiesPrije 24 dana

    I think it will be called the model A S - model S 3 - model 3 X - model X Y - model Y C - Cyber Truck A - model A R - Roadster S - Semi Truck

  29. Olle Borgström

    Olle BorgströmPrije 24 dana


  30. Olle Borgström

    Olle BorgströmPrije 24 dana


  31. Olle Borgström

    Olle BorgströmPrije 24 dana


  32. Olle Borgström

    Olle BorgströmPrije 24 dana


  33. Olle Borgström

    Olle BorgströmPrije 24 dana


  34. Olle Borgström

    Olle BorgströmPrije 24 dana


  35. Beat Meier

    Beat MeierPrije 24 dana

    Ford mustang march-e. BMW R1250 Gs AUDI s4

  36. adam jay

    adam jayPrije 25 dana

    I work at Nissan and what mat just said about the child locks being replaced is not true. Nissan solved this by fitting rubber in between the switch’s.

  37. Mark Hamilton

    Mark HamiltonPrije 25 dana

    Takata made some pretty effective claymore anti personnel mines! 😮😂

  38. Edgar Gomes

    Edgar GomesPrije 26 dana

    ONLY UK😳😳😳🤦🏽‍♂️

  39. Greg And Karuna

    Greg And KarunaPrije 26 dana

    Captiva in our market got the nickname of Craptiva as it was so unreliable!

  40. KeepRock !

    KeepRock !Prije 26 dana

    maaaaate take it easy with the ads ...

  41. kl21 1998

    kl21 1998Prije 26 dana

    Before watching the video I imagined that Toyota would not even be on this list😂

  42. Martin Howell

    Martin HowellPrije 26 dana

    They sold more than 30 thousand rover 75's!

  43. VS TV

    VS TVPrije 26 dana

    I have a Vectra, i see number 1 as Vauxhall and my bum clenched... luckily it's just the Astra 🙈

  44. Willsey 29

    Willsey 29Prije 26 dana

    I just took my e46 airbags out problem fixed😂

  45. lfcjay11

    lfcjay11Prije 26 dana

    No Vauxhall zafira?

  46. Carwow ☑︎

    Carwow ☑︎Prije 26 dana

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  47. Godzilla _area51

    Godzilla _area51Prije 26 dana

    12:58 but the IS-F was build from 2007 -2014 not from 2010-2015

  48. Jeremy Whigham

    Jeremy WhighamPrije 26 dana

    I am surprised that nobody else has commented on the very poor sound quality on this video. Makes it hard work to follow it.

  49. Jeremy Whigham

    Jeremy WhighamPrije 26 dana

    @car WOW Most unhelpful series of meaningless numbers.

  50. Rich D

    Rich DPrije 26 dana

    How much did ya get paid for that Ad cocko?

  51. The Grundle & Trundle Show

    The Grundle & Trundle ShowPrije 26 dana

    Porsche Cayenne Coupe GTS Mercedes C63s Mercedes G63

  52. Khalifa Al Khoori

    Khalifa Al KhooriPrije 27 dana

    What about GM ignition switch cylinder recall?

  53. Moryakov

    MoryakovPrije 27 dana

    Can’t believe Honda knew about the airbag issue since 2016 and only had ours replaced this year

  54. Moryakov

    MoryakovPrije 26 dana

    Uh huh

  55. Layla Morales

    Layla MoralesPrije 27 dana

    Nissan Sentra 2015 transmission problem en EU!!!

  56. Blake Jarrette Gibbons

    Blake Jarrette GibbonsPrije 27 dana

    Carwow you also forgot the later Vauxhall recall with the Zafira B with the dodgy wiring

  57. R33C3

    R33C3Prije 27 dana

    Vauxhall should fix the problem with the insignia, I've heard multiple times that at or after 150k miles an oil seal fails and starvs the engine of oil causing it to cease.

  58. Abdullah Senani

    Abdullah SenaniPrije 27 dana

    I think my 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero should get a recall because of its bad rear parking sensors that could cause an accident...

  59. Paul Lovesey

    Paul LoveseyPrije 27 dana

    Which eye are YOU looking at?

  60. PJ

    PJPrije 27 dana

    Chevy😂. That's not a surprise is it

  61. james Watts

    james WattsPrije 27 dana

    surprised alfa romeo isn’t on the list tbh

  62. Alberto Portugal

    Alberto PortugalPrije 27 dana

    I better recall deez nutz

  63. Savvas Stavridis

    Savvas StavridisPrije 27 dana

    Working in a merceses and vag mechanic shop ive seen a lot of recalls for most of vw hybrids and electric cars, something about the seal on the battery pack, also on mb w213 one wire has to be overridden under the hood.

  64. WayNe WynNx

    WayNe WynNxPrije 27 dana

    Nineteen ninety nineteen ninety nine Ninety ninety ninety ninety ninety ninety ninety nine...

  65. luqman hakim

    luqman hakimPrije 27 dana

    Lambo Urus plenty of Audi Suv and another car that i forgot, they just recently got their recall for engine issue Lol

  66. Supercars Crash

    Supercars CrashPrije 27 dana Lamborghini huracan crash

  67. Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil SagadiyevPrije 27 dana

    People always complain about Hyundai and Kia recalls but never talk about other brand recalls I wonder why

  68. Richard McIntyre

    Richard McIntyrePrije 27 dana

    The e46 drivers air bag did get replaced on the air bag recall it came shortly after the passenger air bag recall was released, my E46 was recalled for both passenger and driver air bag

  69. Arslan Ahmed

    Arslan AhmedPrije 27 dana

    Thanks Matt, we have a jazz & 1 series with Tamara recall letter

  70. Jorrit Ohm

    Jorrit OhmPrije 27 dana

    We have a W204 C-Class Facelift which has been recalled twice because of AirBag issues…. but I don’t really mind it because i know they would probably work perfectly now 😂

  71. marcello087

    marcello087Prije 27 dana

    How Did you get here the picture of Citroen Picasso with Slovakian license plate? ☺️👍

  72. lit tae

    lit taePrije 27 dana

    I was kind of nervous while watching it. Because my car might be on the list🥶

  73. Mohamed Mustafa Kaderdina

    Mohamed Mustafa KaderdinaPrije 27 dana

    Review the latest Toyota crown

  74. Tampa Bay Automotive

    Tampa Bay AutomotivePrije 27 dana

    Recalls seem more common here in the US, just my cars that have had recalls or had warranty extensions were my 07 Cooper S, 14 Countryman S, and 09 SAAB 9-5, as for my family my Dad’s 84 Jeep, 13 Ram, my brother’s 04 Titan, and my mom’s Mazda CX-9

  75. gfdggbg

    gfdggbgPrije 27 dana

    the bias for VW and audi is realmao

  76. Mounteder Abdulrazag

    Mounteder AbdulrazagPrije 27 dana

    2:40 Ibi-what-now?

  77. Keamogetswe Izaac

    Keamogetswe IzaacPrije 27 dana

    Carwow is now an Unconscious standard

  78. Mihai Petre

    Mihai PetrePrije 27 dana

    Me who owned a 2007 VVT Swift: 😶

  79. bloop

    bloopPrije 28 dana

    In India 3:15 was called Spark and 3:16 was called beat

  80. Marnix Moné

    Marnix MonéPrije 28 dana

    Don't forget the Mini Cooper 1.5 with its crankshaft bearing problems, it can cost a complete new engine

  81. Troy Poynter

    Troy PoynterPrije 28 dana

    Should go for the most expensive recall. Hyundai Kona and Ioniq electric battery recall.

  82. Cars And Cooking

    Cars And CookingPrije 28 dana

    I have an E46 M3 2002, would that have been recalled?

  83. Damilola Akanni

    Damilola AkanniPrije 28 dana

    3:14 also called the Optra

  84. john stewart

    john stewartPrije 28 dana

    Bmw 1 series 04 - 11 now recalled heater unit can catch fire

  85. filon emanuel

    filon emanuelPrije 28 dana

    My daily driver (w211 non facelift e class) had a recall too, had a problem to the sbc brake system (eould fail ffter 300,000 brake uses) thay had to be revised by mercedes to improve the reliability

  86. Tony Quinn

    Tony QuinnPrije 28 dana

    What about the vauxhall Zafira recall , many tens of thousands had to be recalled because of a faulty heater unit thing that caused 🔥 fires

  87. mercedes

    mercedesPrije 28 dana

    Please give new vw arteon r fastback review

  88. Brijo Blessin

    Brijo BlessinPrije 28 dana

    Any Indian here thinking how our Indian made cars are not in this list???

  89. Muhammed Sacoor

    Muhammed SacoorPrije 28 dana

    Please do a NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R R32 vs *the world*

  90. Gavin Wyllie

    Gavin WylliePrije 27 dana


  91. Atharva Naik

    Atharva NaikPrije 28 dana

    What about Lancia??

  92. shahab shafiee

    shahab shafieePrije 28 dana

    music is so loud and Mat's voice hard to hear

  93. Jacob Österling

    Jacob ÖsterlingPrije 28 dana

    Welcome to WatchMojo…

  94. rHiAnNeXjAzE

    rHiAnNeXjAzEPrije 28 dana

    For mat What do you think about the looks of the Hyundai matrix 2006???

  95. rHiAnNeXjAzE

    rHiAnNeXjAzEPrije 26 dana

    @Gavin Wyllie what du u thinkk

  96. Gavin Wyllie

    Gavin WylliePrije 27 dana


  97. TCN246

    TCN246Prije 28 dana

    2:07 the guy in the suit is that Jeremy Clarkson

  98. Arsenic

    ArsenicPrije 27 dana


  99. Mark Hammond

    Mark HammondPrije 28 dana

    Absolutely knew it would be Vauxhall at No.1 and it wasn’t a third party manufacturer part fault, it was just shit design. Such shit cars.

  100. Tony Shi

    Tony ShiPrije 28 dana

    Hyundai/Kia just recalled just about every car you made in the past couple of years. Apparently the ABS board could short circuit and cause an engine fire

  101. Gazshadows

    GazshadowsPrije 28 dana

    With regards to the Audi recall for heater problem, I know an Audi A5 that set on fire and burned to a crisp.

  102. Sehr leckerer Maulwurfkuchen

    Sehr leckerer MaulwurfkuchenPrije 28 dana

    In 2003, Nissan recalled 2.5 million vehicles.

  103. Videsha Namali

    Videsha NamaliPrije 28 dana

    A vid abut motor sport safety cars??

  104. Alan Crisp

    Alan CrispPrije 28 dana

    So pleased i did not see either a Rolls-Royce or Bentley on your list . Other wise my world would have come crashing down. Absorbing video.


    MUHAMMAD KHALIDPrije 28 dana

    plz matt make a video about those super sports suvs that beat sports cars and can also drift like drift cars plz matt. plz


    MUHAMMAD KHALIDPrije 28 dana

    plz matt make a video about those super sports suvs that beat sports cars and can also drift like drift cars plz matt. plz

  107. Gavin Wyllie

    Gavin WylliePrije 27 dana


  108. Adithya Ganesh

    Adithya GaneshPrije 28 dana

    Its annoying when you aren't looking into the camera

  109. eric mutahi

    eric mutahiPrije 28 dana

    You forgot Toyota Rush and Voltz

  110. DoplerE

    DoplerEPrije 28 dana

    KIA has another recall now on sportage and stinger cars for potential fire to occur of the HECU system when parked and car switched off. If moisture gets in it could short circuit the HECU and catches fire.

  111. Diego Jiménez

    Diego JiménezPrije 28 dana

    i had the 206rc or 206gti180 for the uk, braking problem

  112. Abhinav Sachdeva

    Abhinav SachdevaPrije 28 dana

    citroen is safe. 🤣