NEW Ford F-150 Lightning EV - better than a Tesla Cybertruck!

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The F-150 is going electric! Introducing the new Ford F-150 Lightning!

This all-American pick-up has been the best-selling vehicle in the USA for the past 44 years, so let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before an electric version was released.

And if we’re being honest, looking at the performance stats, we’re more than happy it’s made the switch to an EV! It’ll come equipped with dual-motors as standard, the extended-range model will be able to produce 571hp. As a comparison, a V8 Ford Mustang can only put down 450hp!

That’s not all though… It’ll also make a colossal 1,050Nm of torque - almost double the Mustang’s 529Nm!!

So the power stats are great, and it doesn’t look too bad either! But does it have what it takes to keep its pick-up crown when it faces tough competition from the Tesla Cybertruck and Hummer EV? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:35 Lightning
01:08 Design
01:42 Range
02:27 Performance
03:29 Charging
04:25 Payload
05:40 Driving
06:38 Infotainment
07:32 Updates
08:00 Price

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  1. carwow

    carwowPrije 27 dana

    F-150 Lightning v Cybertruck... Which are you choosing? VOTE BELOW!

  2. Maxy and Sandra long Maxy toy channel

    Maxy and Sandra long Maxy toy channelPrije dan

    @Andi McGaw the future.

  3. fade boi

    fade boiPrije 9 dana

    F150 obvi


    NIRANJAN ROYPrije 12 dana

    Cybertruck bcz of that design!!!

  5. Luis Barros

    Luis BarrosPrije 14 dana

    @Zaliah any tesla owner will tell you the cars have less range as advertised and if you didn’t know the ford was tested with a 1000 payload, also the tesla truck still need side mirrors which will reduce their range. Also when a tesla car needs repair…good luck at least ford has dealers all over the place. Now who cares how fast a truck goes from 0-60? If is that important for you buy a bike they are faster.

  6. Rohith k r

    Rohith k rPrije 14 dana

    Hummer EV will kill both of them!!!

  7. Maxy and Sandra long Maxy toy channel

    Maxy and Sandra long Maxy toy channelPrije dan

    0-60 winner : cyber 1/4 mi winner: cyber Looks winner : cyber Damage winner : cyber Winner : cyber.

  8. vu an

    vu anPrije 2 dana

    F150 lighting

  9. lizadonrex

    lizadonrexPrije 2 dana

    90K for 300 miles and 70k for over 500miles, pick your pickup

  10. auto monster

    auto monsterPrije 3 dana

    That 1999 model was in fast and furious

  11. Myrkvi

    MyrkviPrije 3 dana

    Won't be available in Europe - so Cybertruck it is.


    BASHER UKPrije 6 dana

    Can you do a review on the new shogun sport please

  13. The Lion King

    The Lion KingPrije 8 dana

    After driving many EVs i found out that Tesla is away ahead of all companies in 10 years except Lucid and Aptera because when Tesla was creating a futuristic vehicle, other auto companies were just sticking in the incient combustion engine with an old or the traditional instruments.

  14. NoNegotiations

    NoNegotiationsPrije 10 dana

    So when is Cybertruck coming? 2 years? 5 years? I want to see it on the streets. Ford will release their truck next year. Elon is eating his words.

  15. NoNegotiations

    NoNegotiationsPrije 9 dana

    @Nicholas Thon We shall see.

  16. Nicholas Thon

    Nicholas ThonPrije 9 dana

    Roughly 6 months they'll be out.

  17. Stygian

    StygianPrije 10 dana

    I’d still buy the cyber truck for street cred

  18. Peter Donnellan

    Peter DonnellanPrije 11 dana

    Why isn't this coming to the UK?!😭


    NIRANJAN ROYPrije 12 dana

    They did revenge cz in the tesla event that cybertruck pulled the og f150 🤣

  20. Nico Michler

    Nico MichlerPrije 14 dana

    You need to do something to habe Ford selling the F150 Lightning in Europe/UK You have to take some preorders.... I ˋd love to buy one with european specifications (Plugs)

  21. Tony Tong

    Tony TongPrije 17 dana

    Still waiting for the part where this is "better than a Tesla Cybertruck"

  22. Niksam Satellite Connection

    Niksam Satellite ConnectionPrije 17 dana

    I'm a fan of u🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 never end carwow

  23. Izra-El King

    Izra-El KingPrije 18 dana

    it looks like it was "inspired" from the other EV truck in the desert, that was pennies at the beginning of the video

  24. Nigel Thompson

    Nigel ThompsonPrije 18 dana

    wish we could get them in Right hand drive

  25. stuey36

    stuey36Prije 18 dana

    What's up with the 1980s aerial? Sharkfin please....

  26. Mr Bob

    Mr BobPrije 18 dana

    The cyber truck is a joke...can’t believe this is the first EV are manufactures waiting for???

  27. Ryan Easterlow

    Ryan EasterlowPrije 19 dana

    Why aren’t these coming to the U.K. !!!

  28. Ricky Bryan

    Ricky BryanPrije 19 dana

    People crushing on the cyber truck have no idea how dialled back it’s going to have to be to be legal in most markets. Crush zones, pedestrian safety, even the glass and side mirrors are illegal. This and Hummer are production ready.

  29. Paul Turner

    Paul TurnerPrije 19 dana

    Specs are fairly unimpressive when compared to the Cybertruck.

  30. Tomas

    TomasPrije 20 dana

    This is actually a really cool truck. 👍 Well done Ford!

  31. fact gasm

    fact gasmPrije 20 dana

    If Ford made them in Dagemham would that make them English Electric Lightnings? 🤣

  32. Marcelo Velarde

    Marcelo VelardePrije 20 dana

    But i have a doubt with all these Electric cars releasing in the near future.. What happens to all the batteries after they died?.. In a phone it last like 4-5 years.. I feel that future is going to be much more polluted because of all the old batteries with their chemical stuff...

  33. sam jum

    sam jumPrije 20 dana

    The expensive kitchen synthetically sparkle because chemistry implicitly signal over a brown cable. square, pointless plywood

  34. Mohammed Fahd

    Mohammed FahdPrije 21 dan

    Better than Cybertruck??? That car is not even launched yet. They didn't even show a production model.

  35. Million Pound Listing

    Million Pound ListingPrije 21 dan

    Why can’t they sell this car to UK? I want one.

  36. J Egbert

    J EgbertPrije 21 dan

    The wise creditor additionly gaze because yoke nationally possess via a subsequent tuna. upbeat, one peripheral

  37. Deadshot Zadm

    Deadshot ZadmPrije 21 dan

    Can you do a review of the Nissan Navara 2021?

  38. tomxaak

    tomxaakPrije 21 dan

    Not avail for pre-orders in Europe :/

  39. Emerson Lalonde

    Emerson LalondePrije 21 dan

    extremely biased and excluding important information about the all the areas that the cybertruck beats it, furthermore this guy is probably paid by ford.

  40. Isac Wettero

    Isac WetteroPrije 21 dan

    More expensive, less range, less towing capacity, smaller bed, no charging network. How is the f150 lightning better than a cyber truck again?🧐

  41. John Pena

    John PenaPrije 21 dan

    annoying how you can tell he is reading off a prompter

  42. Oshane Davis

    Oshane DavisPrije 21 dan

    It dose look better than tesla's truck

  43. Maksym И

    Maksym ИPrije 21 dan

    See! They can come out with a cool name. They didn't have to name it the Mustang Lighting to sound cool

  44. Yuvansai Pasupathy

    Yuvansai PasupathyPrije 22 dana

    Mat: (British Accent) I shall buy a F150. Me : (American) Imma get a F150.

  45. Gregs Mowing

    Gregs MowingPrije 22 dana

    Rivian have taken ages to come to market, any reason why? Im sure ford will sell more of these than the other electric truck in USA.

  46. Jim Munro

    Jim MunroPrije 22 dana

    Out sell Tesla by miles looks like Truck for one where Tesla looks wank

  47. Conroy Boothe

    Conroy BoothePrije 22 dana

    What even better is that the milage is while carrying 1000lbs in the bed. So if your empty the milage is close to 300 in the base model

  48. kâel

    kâelPrije 22 dana


  49. 2HT

    2HTPrije 22 dana

    I immediately reserved one.

  50. Deep Toot

    Deep TootPrije 22 dana

    Cybertruck all the way. This looks like a toy truck. I prefer the Raptor or the RAM 1500 limited. If you're going electric you should go all out like tesla did. Cybertruck and Ram limited for me.

  51. Jeremy

    JeremyPrije 22 dana

    This thing is going to sell like hot cakes. I fear the Rivian and Hummer are in trouble.

  52. my name jeoff

    my name jeoffPrije 20 dana

    Lol rip

  53. Ahmed Chibane

    Ahmed ChibanePrije 22 dana

    I have just watched MKBHD review for this truck and it sound like the most practical truck out of the bunch with a lot of useful features for professional

  54. swifty

    swiftyPrije 22 dana

    The range you get on the truck is only 300 miles if an additional 1000lbs of extra weight gets added onto it.

  55. Olipeeee

    OlipeeeePrije 23 dana

    Matt - torque is irrelevant, 1Nm can tow a aeroplane if enough gearing is available.. power is the only fair comparison. Also EVs have massive radiators, they are heavily fanned they're just hidden under the frunks. Large radiators are required as the temperature delta between battery/motor temps vs ambient air is very low.

  56. Joshua Knutson

    Joshua KnutsonPrije 23 dana

    FYI the epa range is based off of having 1000lbs to capacity loaded into it. So in theory empty with a single driver should get more range than its epa rating

  57. Nicholas Thon

    Nicholas ThonPrije 9 dana

    The 1000lb thing is a wives tale. Find ANY Ford release stating that. It started as some speculative media post and everyone bought it as truth. Ford has been asked directly about it and couldn't confirm, but also not deny because it's a good rumor for them.

  58. Ultimate Chanel Tv

    Ultimate Chanel TvPrije 23 dana

    How long will.last for ev car

  59. Pete Miller

    Pete MillerPrije 23 dana

    YAH ....the F-150 is way better than the CT. It costs more, has less range, accelerates slower, tows less, carries less, doesn't have air suspension, and has a smaller box with wheel wells. What metrics are you using? By the way, the tri-motor does 0 to 60 in 2.9 sec. Last time I checked that is faster than 4.5. You're correct about the frunk, that's about the only thing that is better.

  60. Jacob Wardell

    Jacob WardellPrije 23 dana

    Ford actually made an electric Ford Ranger pickup truck a long while ago... But this is the first time Ford has ever made an electric F-150... 🙂

  61. Raymond S

    Raymond SPrije 23 dana

    The raptor was supposed to be the third gen lightning.

  62. E Roche

    E RochePrije 23 dana

    Developed by Gilead. Also available in matt black.

  63. Simon Ngesa

    Simon NgesaPrije 23 dana

    Damn Ford Prolly sent Tesla back to square one

  64. Waqas Zaheer

    Waqas ZaheerPrije 23 dana

    Drive cybertruck on sky too

  65. Ole Nymoen

    Ole NymoenPrije 23 dana

    "NEW Ford F-150 Lightning EV - better than a Tesla Cybertruck!" With that title I expected a serious comparison, and an argument why the F150 is better. I must have missed that part. While I must admit that I like the look of the F150 better than the look of the Cybertruck, that currently the only part I'm certain is "better".

  66. Ole Nymoen

    Ole NymoenPrije 2 dana

    @That1Guy ?? As in more than the Cybertruck?

  67. That1Guy

    That1GuyPrije 2 dana

    The difference is the F-150 Lightning exists

  68. Ev Z

    Ev ZPrije 23 dana

    Can we stop with the stupid facial expression thumbnails

  69. Daniel Purdy

    Daniel PurdyPrije 23 dana

    Dear Ford, Get it in the UK

  70. VVatt Up

    VVatt UpPrije 24 dana

    Clickbait 👎🏼

  71. Jassem

    JassemPrije 24 dana

    *MY 18+ PHOTOS HERE* MEETME.BABY HRcharts: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" HRcharts: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков .

  72. Bratwurst106

    Bratwurst106Prije 23 dana

    @Ev Z no

  73. Ev Z

    Ev ZPrije 23 dana


  74. Exploring Alabama

    Exploring AlabamaPrije 24 dana

    1. Dealer called me and wanted me to order one. I said there is nowhere to charge it. He said I know, take short trips. 2. Stop reading lines, learn what you are talking about. Makes it more like you care. Peace Out

  75. Codac

    CodacPrije 24 dana

    Um no, not better than a cyber truck

  76. Vishu 10 A

    Vishu 10 APrije 24 dana

  77. BEAT IT UP

    BEAT IT UPPrije 24 dana

    When a tech channel ( mkbhd) gets to review a new car before a big car dealing firm

  78. ChRiS AnGeL CoStA

    ChRiS AnGeL CoStAPrije 24 dana

    The question might be how convenient is it to charge the Ford F-150 than any Tesla make whilst on the move?

  79. ッΛCE

    ッΛCEPrije 24 dana

    Isn't the Rivian owned by Ford?

  80. Askak Norhadin

    Askak NorhadinPrije 24 dana

    To be honest I like this truck 😍😍😍

  81. Caleb Clark

    Caleb ClarkPrije 24 dana

    Who has heard of the Rolls Royce boat tail?

  82. Caleb Clark

    Caleb ClarkPrije 24 dana

    Who has heard of the Rolls Royce boat tail?

  83. THENDO

    THENDOPrije 24 dana

    It looks cool

  84. Noel Paul

    Noel PaulPrije 24 dana

    Pls do a video on the Audi q4 e-tron

  85. pangrac1

    pangrac1Prije 24 dana

    That big central display is not in basic configurstion. Its just option and you must pay more for it.

  86. D Legionnaire

    D LegionnairePrije 24 dana

    THE MERCENARY Blood spraying Bone crushing Hyper Martial Arts Violence Starring a Former FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION 2 REP SNIPER Now Free on Amazon Prime ............

  87. Dante The 3rd

    Dante The 3rdPrije 24 dana

    That's actually pretty cool it can power your fucking house

  88. Cow_ranch

    Cow_ranchPrije 24 dana

    I don't know what Cybertruck's final specs will be. But seeing the cargo capacity, I'm wondering if it's a bit high to be a 1/2 ton. I don't see the bed as being practical. Can't get to it from the sides well. Side mounted toolboxes etc. won't be that practical, general things like that. Also, wonder about a gooseneck ball, those sides with that type of trailer. But, the range is nice. I don't think the F150 would have enough range to get to town for supplies in cold weather with a trailer (my routine supply run is 180 miles round trip, major hills, loaded). At the very least it would be very close. There are no chargers before town. And with charging rates, plus half the mileage in winter and less than that adding on towing/hauling, it would likely cost as much or more to charge than filling up a gas engine (at least it wouldn't be cheap, no way to know for sure without real testing). Also, the chargers are currently not near any stores, sitting for nearly an hour is a waste of time, at least annoying. Also, 5.5' bed is a no go, but so is a 6.5'. Days at home are sometimes all day, hauling back and forth to the sale barn, few hundred miles some days, loaded trailer. I haven't read anything about fast home chargers. And, not really a good example, because it takes a 3/4 ton plus pickup anyway. Major hospital if the local 30 mile away one can't handle something is 220 miles one way, no chargers in between, yet. Again, thinking about winter, and time might be important. I guess I'll have to wait until the tech improves a little, range is longer, and charging doesn't take as long (since I'd have to charge a fair bit of the time in town). Also, need the longer bed.

  89. Jarek

    JarekPrije 24 dana

    This literally sounds like the perfect truck...I want one so bad

  90. Davin Dalecki

    Davin DaleckiPrije 24 dana

    When joe Biden says a number you can never trust it

  91. Rascal Man

    Rascal ManPrije 24 dana

    Who would want to buy the absurdly stupid looking and impractical Tesla pickup (really?) truck with Ford offering this genuine pickup functioning beauty... Dah? I am a huge fan of Elon but he has lost his way on design. His cars are now the ugliest most boring looking vehicles the road sans the Model S. With the other big automakes introducing great looking long range electrics... sales will not go well for Tesla in the nxt few years. Sorry Elon, but you've gone way off the reservation on these design concepts. Better hire some Italians... and quick!

  92. Mark Keller

    Mark KellerPrije 24 dana

    If the Lightning sells well (and no doubt it will) Ford will quickly introduce a "Lightning" version of the Ranger and Maverick that should be sellable to the UK and Europe.

  93. Mark Keller

    Mark KellerPrije 3 dana

    @Myrkvi That is odd, maybe they will hold off for the all electric version? Or maybe small vans sell better in Europe?

  94. Myrkvi

    MyrkviPrije 3 dana

    Maverick won't be sold in Europe (which is odd).

  95. Felix Hinze

    Felix HinzePrije 25 dana

    This is to cool. I especially like the massive front trunk. Given that a pickup truck typically has it's load bay exposed to the elements and prying eyes, having the ability to store some goodies in a secure 'frunk' while having an open load-bay, is just what was missing from pickup trucks all these years. Not to mention the ability for it to power your house in case of a power failure... This is pretty exceptional. We've got to put pressure on Ford that they also make this in right hand drive... There is just no way that they can justify to keep this producs for themselves in America.

  96. Rory Bailey

    Rory BaileyPrije 25 dana

    Standard procedure watching car wow and driving to work

  97. saketh h

    saketh hPrije 25 dana

    Can we get a drag race with ford 150 lightning with yianni racing it 😉

  98. Brent Maxey-Hanson

    Brent Maxey-HansonPrije 25 dana

    You don’t get the Lightning because we didn’t get the Q3 Sportback lol😂🤬🤬🤬 still pissed about that.

  99. Sreyasa Saraswat

    Sreyasa SaraswatPrije 25 dana

    The 300 mi range is after having a weight of 1000 pounds in the truck

  100. Fr4nciS

    Fr4nciSPrije 9 dana

    @Nicholas Thon Could you explain why the truck displayed 367 miles remaining with 80% of the battery left?

  101. Nicholas Thon

    Nicholas ThonPrije 9 dana

    That's a fake rumor. Find a single Ford release stating that, anywhere. Ford was asked directly and they couldn't confirm, but didn't deny because it's too juicy for them. They're obviously hoping the battery tech will catch up to something like that, but it's not here yet.

  102. Steve Edward

    Steve EdwardPrije 14 dana

    @mrstatictunes I was curious on how badly the range with a load would've been if it was 300 miles unloaded. Pretty impressive to have that kind of range, it's a really well rounded truck

  103. Fr4nciS

    Fr4nciSPrije 22 dana

    @Bob Roof Based on video by Marques Brownlee, Ford told him that the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck’s 300-mile range is their expectation of the estimated EPA range with 1,000 lbs of cargo.

  104. Bob Roof

    Bob RoofPrije 22 dana

    @mrstatictunes that's bull

  105. Joseph M.

    Joseph M.Prije 25 dana

    The range numbers mentioned in the video are with 450kg in the bed

  106. Ozo101

    Ozo101Prije 25 dana

    the best selling truck for the last 35 years goes up against 3 trucks that do not exist yet

  107. V1Gibby

    V1GibbyPrije 25 dana

    300miles of range with 1000lbs of cargo. Actual is ~450

  108. XhellscreamX

    XhellscreamXPrije 25 dana

    fyi, the range is based on having 1000pounds in the tray/towing. MKBHD did some basic math after having hands on, and I think he said looks like it'll do around 496miles un-laiden

  109. Pham Nuwen

    Pham NuwenPrije 24 dana

    What? The extended range version only has 300 miles of range according to Ford, so probably no more than 250 mile in real life.

  110. Conrad Brown

    Conrad BrownPrije 25 dana

    On what planet is the F150 better than the Cybertruck?

  111. kevon mayhandnorris

    kevon mayhandnorrisPrije 25 dana

    I used to work for Ford as a service manager and let me just tell you something that car is gonna be so problematic so many recalls I can only wait If Ford spent the money on quality-control they wouldn’t have as many recall items as they do you can’t make one electric car and think that you can make a full pick up truck with the same Intel.

  112. Manab Sarkar

    Manab SarkarPrije 25 dana

    Hey @carwow trying to be donut media?


    NMBRS GMNGPrije 25 dana

    The “99 lighting was in fast and the furious first movie

  114. Vega Vega

    Vega VegaPrije 25 dana

    Both are ugly asf 😭😭🤣🤣

  115. Farah Ahmad

    Farah AhmadPrije 25 dana

    cool but i like the hummer ev better cuz it has more power and better acceleration

  116. Lucas

    LucasPrije 25 dana

    Yo Matt i cant finish the video because you cockeyed, im sorry bro, it was to much but i allways see you videos. Thanks

  117. W P

    W PPrije 25 dana

    Loving the two steering wheels on the version I saw

  118. thehotsixer1

    thehotsixer1Prije 25 dana

    Cybertruck > Lighting

  119. Wicked gamer

    Wicked gamerPrije 25 dana

    Ford is roasting the beginning Tesla

  120. Phil J.L Fig

    Phil J.L FigPrije 25 dana

    I want to see the original ford lighting all tuned up against the electric one

  121. Derrick Halliday

    Derrick HallidayPrije 25 dana

    The top of the line Lightning is $10,000 more than the top of line Cyber truck which beats the Lightning in just about every category.



    Wait, have they actually started manufacturing the Cybertruck? Or the Lightning?