MINI Cooper S 2021 review - better than a VW Polo GTI?

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This is the updated MINI Cooper S!

Mat’s got his hands on this newly-updated 5-door hatch (which, as ever, is also available as a 3-door) to find out whether this new Cooper S can stand up again class leaders such as the Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo.

When it comes to performance, there’s three engine options to choose from - the 1, the Cooper and the Cooper S. We’ve got our hands on the Cooper S for this review, so our 5-door hatch is powered by a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbo petrol with 178hp. All options are front-wheel-drive, although you can choose between a manual or automatic gearbox.

But of course, performance probably isn’t the first reason you’ll choose the MINI - it’s the looks! Even though it may be unmistakably a MINI, the question is, are you happy with how the exterior looks have evolved over the years? Do you think the new edition looks better than ever, or do you still prefer older generations?

Let us know in the comments!

00:00 Intro
00:20 Price
00:56 Exterior Design
02:49 Interior
04:25 Back Seats
05:57 Boot
07:15 Five Annoying Things
08:32 Five Cool Features
09:49 Engines
10:16 Driving
13:20 0-60mph
14:29 Verdict

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  1. carwow

    carwowPrije mjesec

    What do you guys think - does the new MINI look better than ever?! Or would you choose another small hatch instead? LIKE this comment if you'd choose the MINI, or COMMENT with what you'd go for instead!

  2. kenneth law

    kenneth lawPrije 7 dana

    I love the real handbrake

  3. _0_RESTART_0_

    _0_RESTART_0_Prije mjesec

    In 50 years, minis will compete against G Wagens

  4. AS Sami

    AS SamiPrije mjesec

    make a revew of convartable coppcr

  5. Chevy Alvarez

    Chevy AlvarezPrije mjesec

    I don’t want to sound a fanboy but; when you are in a mini on the route you are with music 🎵 and you want to hear the sound outside

  6. Gary

    GaryPrije mjesec

    Let's see some more 4x4 off road challenges! Maybe Chuck in some fun with a heavy trailer

  7. Lasse de Vries

    Lasse de VriesPrije 23 sati

    If you only buy a MINI for the styling, you'd never buy the 5 door because that's an abomination. The 3-door is the best version.

  8. Just Mingled

    Just MingledPrije dan

    They butchered the front Grille!!!! Looks like Predators face!!!!!

  9. Valet297

    Valet297Prije dan

    This car is soo overly designed that it’s hard to look at it

  10. John Schell

    John SchellPrije 4 dana

    We don't have much of a selection of cars in this class in the US. Admittedly, we did not look at the cars that might be considered competitors. We are happy with our new MINI: the design, the added standard features, the build quality and the driving experience.

  11. Noah McKnight

    Noah McKnightPrije 7 dana

    Wait…did I just see JCW on it??😨

  12. Rob Churchill

    Rob ChurchillPrije 7 dana

    Those massive pillars - deal breaker. I mean, call me old-fashioned but I like to see out the front of a car.


    CRESCENT MOONPrije 8 dana

    the new front design is horrendous

  14. Martin Del Rio

    Martin Del RioPrije 8 dana

    I sold mine because of the terrible brakes and fragile, delicate, bad BAD Pirelli Cinturato P4 run flat tyres. If you brake at high speeds the car goes everywhere except to the front. The reason BMW (mini) gave me was that MÍNI brake system is corrective instead of the much better preventive brakes in BMW models.

  15. Kruger Fuchs

    Kruger FuchsPrije 8 dana

    Why are cars getting uglier

  16. Dusk13

    Dusk13Prije 10 dana

    Maybe Matt, just maybe you should check all the fluids & tire pressures before ragging a car around next time ?!

  17. mighty23

    mighty23Prije 10 dana

    Beautiful inside, very nice outside,crappy engine

  18. Nyi Hlaing

    Nyi HlaingPrije 11 dana

    Can you review on 3door hardtop copper s?

  19. Tomas

    TomasPrije 12 dana

    7:27 Both the size and overheating can be solved with an IPhone 👌

  20. deepestlight

    deepestlightPrije 12 dana

    Too many people driving Minis for me to want one. I'll stick with my Gr Yaris thanks

  21. Rob Moore

    Rob MoorePrije 12 dana

    In N Ireland there should be an alternative tail light as in some areas the Union Jack type would probably be kicked out I think they look good but some would object .

  22. Dennis Van Beeck

    Dennis Van BeeckPrije 13 dana

    Please do one of the cabrio! Youre the only one who adresses everything like boot capacity etc

  23. pete croxford

    pete croxfordPrije 13 dana

    I think that was an unfair review as it seemed to me you just pick the bones out of it if that was a honest opinion I think that you come across that you just don’t like minis therefore you shouldn’t give a review sorry to be like this 🇬🇧🇬🇧👍

  24. L V

    L VPrije 14 dana

    It drives like a bike not a go kart!

  25. statman90

    statman90Prije 14 dana

    Minis don't even look like minis anymore, they're not even "mini" anymore

  26. Nationz Rules

    Nationz RulesPrije 16 dana

    Where the fog lights? Fog lights look so nice

  27. ArunPlaysPiano

    ArunPlaysPianoPrije 16 dana

    3:57 There's one behind the armrest for your big bottle, mate.

  28. José Dias

    José DiasPrije 17 dana

    I also had an r53 (mk1), and since then, i'm also less and less into mini cars.


    PRINCE OF ARABIAPrije 17 dana

    I came here because of Kante not interested in this car but definitely gonna buy one one day

  30. Ashe

    AshePrije 18 dana

    The water straw thing🙌

  31. uzciv

    uzcivPrije 18 dana

    A proper british car needs chrome on the exterior...

  32. Spider68

    Spider68Prije 18 dana

    R53 the best!

  33. Gareth White

    Gareth WhitePrije 18 dana

    Could you do a review of the new Citroen C4, not the electric C4 like everyone else, just the petrol/diesel versions?

  34. Charlotte Hay

    Charlotte HayPrije 19 dana

    Mat kinda reminds me of Wes Gardner from the show Scream Queens, lol idk. 🤣

  35. H-when

    H-whenPrije 19 dana

    About time they rebranded to "Large"

  36. Cross

    CrossPrije 21 dan

    it looks long as fuck for a mini

  37. Snapshots

    SnapshotsPrije 21 dan

    hi Matt . I followed you and watched your videos since you was in carbuyer channel , but you still use this old still of video colors .. your videos is like an old cars presentation please remove this filter or use a better camera the colors in your channel is very bad really any new car looks in your channel like a car from 1999 . you can offer a better natural colors in you videos .. for example you can see the videos quality and colors in Autogufuhl it is a natural colors .. thank you

  38. Bulking Jelly

    Bulking JellyPrije 21 dan

    Why did kante come into my head

  39. Get Gareth Southgate sacked!!

    Get Gareth Southgate sacked!!Prije 21 dan

    kante gonna cop that


    AARON ARTHUR YONG ZHEXI MoePrije 22 dana


  41. Ekko 3 MILLION

    Ekko 3 MILLIONPrije 23 dana

    I like the 5-Door and overall look.

  42. Christopher Maloney

    Christopher MaloneyPrije 23 dana

    I love minis so much.

  43. Samina Irshad

    Samina IrshadPrije 23 dana

    Any chance of a review on the Vauxhaul Grandland?

  44. Master yon

    Master yonPrije 23 dana

    Wow what happened mini :(

  45. Perry Solomon

    Perry SolomonPrije 25 dana

    Mini should change their name to Biggie

  46. ProBro

    ProBroPrije 26 dana

    You say your Galaxy S20 Ultra does not fit, but your phone is easily one of the BIGGEST phones that you can buy today. It is as big as the biggest iPhone 12. So if you use the normal iPhone 12 which is pretty common, it should fit.

  47. SuperDeano

    SuperDeanoPrije 26 dana

    It’s a no from me.

  48. Alfonso Álvarez Rey

    Alfonso Álvarez ReyPrije 27 dana

    I bougth recently a Mini Cooper 5 doors from 2017 and I must admit that I am surprised with how good it drives. I have never driven before a car that is so much fun. There are some points that are compromised but in general I think the experience you get is it muth worth it and this you can't find it in most of the small cars.

  49. ben khamis

    ben khamisPrije 27 dana

    I think the newer Mini's are nice little cars & everyone should experience it at least once in your life. However, 5 door version looks crap. Practical yet crappy. 3 door looks best

  50. Game Reviews Old Skool Gamer

    Game Reviews Old Skool GamerPrije 28 dana

    Please please do the new countryman. 🥺

  51. SND

    SNDPrije 28 dana

    ,, That's what go karts do'' LOL

  52. Jake Walker

    Jake WalkerPrije 28 dana

    I’d like to see a review of the new Vauxhall corsa-e!

  53. Anita Dique

    Anita DiquePrije 29 dana

    the new mini looks better then ever.

  54. Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen

    Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehenPrije 29 dana

    Ok but I don't get it. The cooper S starts at 27.000€ where I live...for 174 ps ? Why the hell are Minis so damn expensiv.

  55. Darren Arthur

    Darren ArthurPrije 18 dana

    Superior build and drive quality compared to any of its rivals. Yes it's expensive but you really get what you pay for.

  56. Gaetano Crisci

    Gaetano CrisciPrije 29 dana

    no Matt, it's not over designed is the rest of the cars of the market that are poorly designed and boring

  57. Neal Street

    Neal StreetPrije 29 dana

    Manual Handbrake? On Auto??? - so not latest version of car. Cooper S does not have one???

  58. Notiamsugar

    NotiamsugarPrije mjesec

    I have mini Cooper

  59. Leslie. Ingley

    Leslie. IngleyPrije mjesec

    The seat ateca 2020


    THE BLUEEYESPrije mjesec

    I apologise to all the mini owners but that front end is disgusting

  61. Two

    TwoPrije mjesec

    Mini is taking this piss what happened to the hardcore Cooper s

  62. Andreea Haruta

    Andreea HarutaPrije mjesec


  63. Paul Farmer

    Paul FarmerPrije mjesec

    You've got some front @carwow, I'll give you that. I had two prospective enquiries and then one final roll of the dice to buy a high spec 3-dr Cooper S at the end of last year. Each time, only two dealers replied and both were from the same group and had the same person doing the prices. I queried it with you twice and was ignored. I eventually beat the three year PCP cost by over £1,000 in three phone calls. So do you care to answer that? How are you helping the buyer there? Is Mini a very specific case or do you have this issue with other manufacturers?

  64. Ben Harris

    Ben HarrisPrije mjesec

    I don’t like the tail lights

  65. Edward

    EdwardPrije mjesec

    it is a maxi

  66. jigrodrigues

    jigrodriguesPrije mjesec

    Looks like a cheap gym bag

  67. Andrew Glenister

    Andrew GlenisterPrije mjesec

    Are you wearing your son’s jacket?

  68. Jorge Pantoja

    Jorge PantojaPrije mjesec

    US viewers: 700 pounds Sunroof? Can I remove it and save weight? 😂

  69. Nalisa Sikwanga

    Nalisa SikwangaPrije mjesec

    Definitely better than a polo gti

  70. வெங்கடேஷ்

    வெங்கடேஷ்Prije mjesec

    அருமை 🔥👍

  71. Dough Szynk

    Dough SzynkPrije mjesec

    Just ugly car No more British

  72. russ curwood

    russ curwoodPrije mjesec

    Carwow, you guys need to do a MK1 cooper s to 2020 draggy comparison 👍👍🤞

  73. Gaming Norwegian

    Gaming NorwegianPrije mjesec

    8:09, great job Mat, some poor German designer probably got executed now that you showed that major design flaw (which it really is).

  74. Steve Tierney

    Steve TierneyPrije mjesec

    It looks shit.

  75. Bogdan Barbu

    Bogdan BarbuPrije mjesec

    ugly car, and that thing with the handbrake and armrest.. my oh my!!!!

  76. Harshit Chaudhary

    Harshit ChaudharyPrije mjesec

    BMW 6 Series GT 2021 review

  77. ongky ricarda

    ongky ricardaPrije mjesec

    why does it look like Geely Panda ????

  78. Mark Holden

    Mark HoldenPrije mjesec

    I have the previous version and I won’t be buying the new one 😒

  79. MTB MATT85

    MTB MATT85Prije mjesec

    The mini is a piece of crap.

  80. Lonewolf Gaming

    Lonewolf GamingPrije mjesec

    I’ve got a 2016 Cooper S 5dr with the Works 210 tune and exhaust. Great fun to drive, but the brakes are a bit underwhelming. I do wonder why they reduced the power output from 192 to 178bhp for the new ones. Along with the PPF ruining the exhaust sound, they seem a far less appealing choice now.

  81. Tommy Gutierrez XD

    Tommy Gutierrez XDPrije mjesec


  82. deltafoxtrot2

    deltafoxtrot2Prije mjesec

    The Mk1 MINI looked much better and it was closer to the original mini, the new version is far too big with a long snout and it has a grill like a Munk fish....

  83. Lutho Hopa

    Lutho HopaPrije mjesec

    I've once burnt my legs with the exhaust pipes while leaning into the boot.

  84. mohcen Bdj

    mohcen BdjPrije mjesec

    It needs an akra or miltek exhaust

  85. Anders Lindberg

    Anders LindbergPrije mjesec

    It’s ugly

  86. Adrian Byron-Parker

    Adrian Byron-ParkerPrije mjesec

    Matt.......... Sorry, I am leaving. You are no longer reviewing cars!!!!!

  87. Bram Jacob

    Bram JacobPrije mjesec

    It looks so ... much ... worse ... whyyyyy

  88. mercedesbenzformula1

    mercedesbenzformula1Prije mjesec

    I don’t like the style at all of the new one. Too much going on and too big

  89. Sen

    SenPrije mjesec

    Please review the new Mini JCW!

  90. Nicholas Mikula

    Nicholas MikulaPrije mjesec

    Really can't see the point of buying a Mini.. maybe it's just me but it's everything you don't want in a car

  91. sabbir muntakim

    sabbir muntakimPrije mjesec

    Can you do the BMW 2 series Grand touring review please. Thanks 🙏

  92. Mini Lite71

    Mini Lite71Prije mjesec

    Mini's are getting uglier by the generation and forget anything with 5 doors - the mk1 was the best looking - that cos the designer has also designed the McLaren, Ferrari, Fiat 500 ,BMW X5 and many MORE !

  93. TomB Stone

    TomB StonePrije mjesec

    Answer NO

  94. melvin lukose

    melvin lukosePrije mjesec

    Break test?

  95. konstantinos kechagias

    konstantinos kechagiasPrije mjesec

    this car is always getting uglier...

  96. Mike Vale

    Mike ValePrije mjesec

    They keep losing their quirkiness and are morphing to downright ugliness. I have a 2004 JCW Cooper S with full service history and boy am I glad I never sold it!

  97. Hidde Van Den Brande

    Hidde Van Den BrandePrije mjesec

    Review a alpina b3

  98. Látlak

    LátlakPrije mjesec

    I love the Mini! I don't find it girly, because you can make it look quiet mean with that piano black exterieur. I love the looks even more with the LCI2. It drives like a charm, it's so compact and nimble, really enjoyable. I just wish there was a 5 door JCW, that's so sad!

  99. P E

    P EPrije mjesec

    It's a dogs dinner of a design, it's long overdue a massive revamp and a complete overhaul of the looks, the engines and the purpose... oh and the name... if we're still calling this a "mini", I'll start calling Buckingham Palace a "pokey little hovel". This is going up against VW's Golf GTi (not Polo... it's twice the size of a polo) and it loses in every single area. What was once a cool and quirky revised concept of the old mini has become a tired, staid, dull, tedious, predictable bore fest!... but more concerning than all these things... what the f*ck is he doing pooring water into that cup holder!?!?! This guy is a muppet... Every car I see him review he seems to want to ruin, bash, destroy or just make a mess of... he was literally jumping up and down on the sills of the R8 in a different video... grow up you sad twat

  100. Akshay Raveendran

    Akshay RaveendranPrije mjesec

    Matt please review the JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE SRT!!!

  101. Peacy Cortes

    Peacy CortesPrije mjesec

    A real Mini has 2 doors. Everything else is not a Mini.

  102. Peter Pulchny

    Peter PulchnyPrije mjesec

    there is only one Matt Watson. what a legend

  103. Gordon McCartney

    Gordon McCartneyPrije mjesec

    Worst part of this review was the bottle of SPARKLING water!

  104. AM

    AMPrije mjesec

    The first gen I loved. It’s got worse & worse with every generation. The supercharger shout have been retained.

  105. Steve Hailey

    Steve HaileyPrije mjesec

    For get it

  106. Harlan Draka

    Harlan DrakaPrije mjesec

    so this mini cooper s has less power then a 2.0 diesel car? Gorgeous!!!