AMG A45 v Tuned CLA 45: DRAG RACE *Shock Result*

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Thanks to Iqram for lending us his CLA 45 - imc1994

It’s time for the AMG A45 S to go head to head with the AMG CLA 45 S!

Now you might think that this is a bit of an odd drag race, given both of these cars are effectively just the same but in different bodies, right? Well that’s where you’re wrong!

First up we have Mat in the AMG A45. It’s powered by a 2-litre 4 cylinder engine to deliver 421hp and 500Nm of torque. It also weighs in at 1,635kg.

Alongside him we have the CLA. However, it’s had £800 worth of Stage 1 upgrades, and as a result its 2-litre 4 cylinder produces 490hp \u0026 660Nm of torque. It also weighs in slightly heavier, at 1,675kg.

So how do you think it’ll play out? Will the wet track stop the CLA from properly putting its power down? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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  1. carwow

    carwowPrije mjesec

    Check out Mat over on Instagram -

  2. Rico Smoorg

    Rico SmoorgPrije 22 dana


  3. Mr330d

    Mr330dPrije 23 dana

    Let’s settle this once and for all Diesel vs petrol. Golf 8 2.0 Tdi 150 vs 1.5 Tsi 150 💪🏻

  4. Keaoleboga Loabile

    Keaoleboga LoabilePrije 29 dana

    Mat Please do a drag race with Toyata Quantam and Nissan minibus. I want to see something.

  5. Yantonay Franco

    Yantonay FrancoPrije mjesec

    Please come up with a SUV drag race between the Volvo XC40 vs Volvo XC60 vs Volvo XC90

  6. aroSiv ag

    aroSiv agPrije mjesec

    Mat drag an alpine vs cla, it would be close

  7. XxCossiePowerxX

    XxCossiePowerxXPrije 14 sati

    why do you always test in dirty weather

  8. Pratap Rana

    Pratap RanaPrije 16 sati

    Race the same in dry conditions

  9. Diego Effe

    Diego EffePrije 16 sati

  10. Nabil M

    Nabil MPrije dan

    That's it I'm getting my CLA tuned lmfao gonna hit that guy up for where get got that ecu flash.

  11. Sandor Varga.

    Sandor Varga.Prije 2 dana

    VRAU. Másiké.asta.

  12. Aaron K

    Aaron KPrije 2 dana

    Pretty impressive in water

  13. Luka Pejić

    Luka PejićPrije 5 dana

    Why is there no Mat x Yianny vidoes anymore?

  14. Yahya Hany

    Yahya HanyPrije 6 dana

    Kia stinger gt2 please!!!

  15. Mosa Saba

    Mosa SabaPrije 6 dana

    Kick down =Nm=CLA 160Nm more.

  16. Michael Guillermo

    Michael GuillermoPrije 10 dana

    Love that new cla 45. Dream car

  17. Ilia Lozanski

    Ilia LozanskiPrije 16 dana

    Imagine tuning a car, to make it slower xD

  18. luvstatus1

    luvstatus1Prije 17 dana

    Next time just race on top of a lake 🤦

  19. Dewan Tausif Yar Chowdhury

    Dewan Tausif Yar ChowdhuryPrije 18 dana

    The extra 800 pounds ruined the car tbh

  20. Szymiq Offical

    Szymiq OfficalPrije 18 dana

    OHHH yea a class

  21. Manu

    ManuPrije 20 dana

    490 hps from a 4 cylinder? A ticking high boost time bomb waiting to explode?

  22. Rico Smoorg

    Rico SmoorgPrije 22 dana

    No way it’s raining. Never would have thought. What a waste of time. I soon as I saw the rain I dropped a dislike and bounced. Wasted 17 seconds though.

  23. Kurt Müller

    Kurt MüllerPrije 23 dana

    Got to admire Mercedes Benz for launching special versions for Albanian Mafia Gangsters.

  24. Mouaad All

    Mouaad AllPrije 24 dana

    Don't forget that the tiny One's lighter

  25. Junior Sadiki

    Junior SadikiPrije 24 dana

    Mat this days your editing is so good 🔥

  26. Paul Chambers

    Paul ChambersPrije 25 dana

    Matt.....great at launching, absolute shit at gauging when to brake for the end of the runway.

  27. R J

    R JPrije 25 dana

    Cla 45 my dream car 😍

  28. Fire Hazard

    Fire HazardPrije 26 dana

    That CLA driver is damn good.

  29. Zayn

    ZaynPrije 26 dana

    Ikram? Beautiful name. Means honour, respect.

  30. He Man

    He ManPrije 26 dana

    500hp from an 2L 4 cyl. Im not an Expert but i guess this car wont last long.

  31. Mahmoud samir

    Mahmoud samirPrije 27 dana

    Please no more tuned cars

  32. Mister Smith

    Mister SmithPrije 27 dana

    when will you compare the amg gt R VS M5 F90 competition and M8 competition

  33. Mareuuu

    MareuuuPrije 28 dana

    I love the fact that the subtitles call the a45s sound [Music]

  34. Leesha Pv

    Leesha PvPrije 28 dana

    "Now let's listen to this engine" *Incoming zomato ad*😑

  35. Marakesh

    MarakeshPrije 26 dana

    old spice for me🤣

  36. S K

    S KPrije 28 dana

    waste of 800 quid

  37. Jens Vielmann

    Jens VielmannPrije 28 dana

    Where does the “shock result” come in here?

  38. The Right Way

    The Right WayPrije 29 dana

    Please can we bring Yanni back😭😭😭

  39. Lord Butler

    Lord ButlerPrije mjesec

    £800 remap - mug !

  40. Ioannis Plagos

    Ioannis PlagosPrije mjesec

    Seriously, is that racetrack always damp/ raining or is it just me?

  41. Ahmed Farzan

    Ahmed FarzanPrije mjesec

    Who else thinks these cars look 10x times better in the rain with a gloomy atmosphere?

  42. Javier

    JavierPrije mjesec

    What is the stage 1 brand? Many thanks from Spain!

  43. panteisd

    panteisdPrije mjesec

    i love a45s amg

  44. K Sal

    K SalPrije mjesec

  45. UnLogitech

    UnLogitechPrije mjesec

    70% of the drag races are on a rainy day...

  46. Cakeman Up

    Cakeman UpPrije mjesec

    It says a45 v not a45 s. Grammar error -…-

  47. PassatCCR36

    PassatCCR36Prije mjesec

    best weather conditions for a drag race ...

  48. Karel Diyani

    Karel DiyaniPrije mjesec

    Please carwow let me see a drag race with 765lt 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭

  49. HnH

    HnHPrije mjesec

    Why is he so annoying?

  50. Kai Cairns

    Kai CairnsPrije mjesec

    naughty boy those aren't 145 d or e complient plates on the cla

  51. Samuel Szmajda

    Samuel SzmajdaPrije mjesec

    Small cars but so heavy. Modern cars.

  52. costafilh0

    costafilh0Prije mjesec

    Better newer GoPros with hidrofobic lenses/filters! You are welcome!

  53. costafilh0

    costafilh0Prije mjesec

    Crappy low light camera on a huge channel like this is just dumb!

  54. Steven Armishaw

    Steven ArmishawPrije mjesec

    I checked it out

  55. Muhammad Hart

    Muhammad HartPrije mjesec

    4:47 who else thought that the windscreen wipers squeaking was Matt....💨💨

  56. Lusanda Radebe

    Lusanda RadebePrije mjesec

    We need a RS3 vs A45 S AMG

  57. Gursharn Gill

    Gursharn GillPrije mjesec

    I really thought he called himself batty boy AHAHHA

  58. Itzz Aland

    Itzz AlandPrije mjesec

    Can someone explain to me how this tune work? Like Idk is this a hardware tune? Like new components were added? Or just a software tune? And what are the downsides to this tune?

  59. Kofi Vegas

    Kofi VegasPrije mjesec

    What a race!🤩

  60. Aadith Sujith

    Aadith SujithPrije mjesec

    The fact that the CLA 45 is a sedan and it beat the a45 although it is tuned... wow

  61. Uwaiis x

    Uwaiis xPrije mjesec

    Do a drag race with the 140i and 340i

  62. Miljörör för Språkpartiet

    Miljörör för SpråkpartietPrije mjesec

    During heavy rain, the CLA can also be turned upside down and used with paddles.

  63. Just a normal road man In the endz

    Just a normal road man In the endzPrije mjesec

    Concentrate batty boy 😂😂

  64. Olin Blackwell

    Olin BlackwellPrije mjesec

    The *shock* result was that the tuned car didn’t blow up

  65. Wout B

    Wout BPrije mjesec

    But was the gearbox software tuned?

  66. Elliot Ericsson

    Elliot EricssonPrije mjesec

    Would love to see the old Audi tt rs (340hp) vs the new Audi tts (310hp). Maybe bring the old rs3 (340hp) and the new Audi s3 (310) in the same race!

  67. Ankur Kumar Saha

    Ankur Kumar SahaPrije mjesec

    I literally thought Yanni was driving the other car 😂

  68. ovuvuevuevue onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas ossas

    ovuvuevuevue onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas ossasPrije mjesec

    If the gearbox is confused then why don’t you use it on Manual with the flappy paddles

  69. -Igg1 -

    -Igg1 -Prije mjesec

    ...what a bad tune ..🐢🐢🐢

  70. Renny 73

    Renny 73Prije mjesec

    Pretty impressive when you consider these are £50k cars that comfortably keep a current 911 honest...for half the cost.

  71. Semir

    SemirPrije mjesec

    2022: 2.0 turbo petrol super sport $1.000.000 car with 800HP, lasting 50.000km Btw New A45S is slow as fuck, it doesnt drive over 200kph Where is this all going🤮🤮🤮

  72. word for word

    word for wordPrije mjesec

  73. word for word

    word for wordPrije mjesec

  74. VUG

    VUGPrije mjesec

    Matt: Hi, how are you? Me: :-) Not bad, I... Matt: Matt Watson here. Welcome to another... Me: :-|

  75. ƬӇЄ ƤԼƛƳƧ

    ƬӇЄ ƤԼƛƳƧPrije mjesec

    :( pensé que era del traducido

  76. AudiS4B7

    AudiS4B7Prije mjesec

    yet again sore loser Matt Watson

  77. Pradeep Sinhji Vaghela

    Pradeep Sinhji VaghelaPrije mjesec

    I can't hear a thing on radio please give him a mic extra bro please.

  78. Ahmed Bager

    Ahmed BagerPrije mjesec

    Next a bugatti race please

  79. Ricky Kaneno

    Ricky KanenoPrije mjesec


  80. Robert Sedgwick

    Robert SedgwickPrije mjesec

    let's make a new rule- MAT CAN'T USE THE LEFT SIDE OF THE STRIP! we all know it's got more grip

  81. 中華翡翠

    中華翡翠Prije mjesec

    It's raining again!😭

  82. Alessandro Filippi

    Alessandro FilippiPrije mjesec

    Great value for money if you do not consider that voids the warranty and reduces the lifespan of the engine on top of murdering the resale value.

  83. faki84

    faki84Prije mjesec

    You don’t have sun in this shit place? Why you testing always on shitty rainy days??

  84. Glacier Bouy 6ix

    Glacier Bouy 6ixPrije mjesec

    Was happy to see Yenny

  85. Janghoon Sun

    Janghoon SunPrije mjesec

    How pathetic is that. I remember how cla45 amg used to sound like, before the stupid regulation. BRUTAL!

  86. Giuliano Giannini

    Giuliano GianniniPrije mjesec

    Do one with the old A45 vs the new A45S!

  87. Jorge Corona

    Jorge CoronaPrije mjesec

    Vercion en español?

  88. Penny Hardaway

    Penny HardawayPrije mjesec

    This 2.0L unit is an engineering marvel. AMG cranked even more power out the unit in the new C63.

  89. Mike G

    Mike GPrije mjesec

    I just wonder how long these little four bangers will last pushing that much power and boost...

  90. eRaness

    eRanessPrije mjesec

    I bought the 2021 cla 45 AMG. We don’t get the 45s in the usa. But let me tell you is more than enough. It’s a beast how it drives and preforms

  91. Osama Ayyad

    Osama AyyadPrije mjesec

    i love this channel but i literally cant take almost every time they have really cool cars the road is always wet it really sucks good work tho

  92. DoplerE

    DoplerEPrije mjesec

    Every UK based car video it's frikken raining or wet surface.. Miserable

  93. Ronnie Burns

    Ronnie BurnsPrije mjesec

    Would like to see bmw M4 competition F80 with a basic tune race M4 G80. Don't think that there would be much in the performance, big difference in the price, £35.000 or £80.000

  94. xBytez

    xBytezPrije mjesec

    Glad to see a CLA on the channel :)

  95. omar ali

    omar aliPrije mjesec

    So which is faster ? Cla45s or Audi rs3 ?

  96. Fabio Bernardi

    Fabio BernardiPrije mjesec

    Not a surprise it’s raining in The UK 🙊

  97. Genis Hoti

    Genis HotiPrije mjesec

    so why doesn't the amg 4l TT V8 make 842hp since the amg engine with half the elements makes 421 ???

  98. VAGabond

    VAGabondPrije mjesec

    Gearbox map=essential 👍🏻

  99. Shadi Bouhajib

    Shadi BouhajibPrije mjesec

    The "that is not correct". Sent me 😂😂🤣🤣 who ever edits and puts the meme's in needs a raise👏🏽👌🏽

  100. Terrence Gift

    Terrence GiftPrije mjesec

    I thought those mercedes' were going to have soft rev limiters.

  101. Eat Me

    Eat MePrije mjesec

    Fart at 4:47 lol. Cmon Matt, while on camera ?;D

  102. Brad

    BradPrije mjesec

    I don't think this gets mentioned enough, of course Mat is a legend, but the editing is also just super awesome in these.

  103. ishak muhsin

    ishak muhsinPrije mjesec

    Please can you get an A45s with similar tuning and drag that against others

  104. Bunny

    BunnyPrije mjesec

    So the Stage 1 tuning kicks in when you need it the most, which is driving around casually then overtaking someone in force.

  105. MrDgt66

    MrDgt66Prije mjesec

    A45 and CLA45, both proudly made in Kecskemét, Hungary. 👌

  106. Tims MGF

    Tims MGFPrije mjesec

    wow so surprised Matt chose the car he has the best chances of winning with 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 his getting freaking annoying, can anyone suggest another You tube page for similar videos PLEASE!