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  1. Erica Murphy

    Erica MurphyPrije 34 minuta

    The adorable tailor immunochemically decay because kayak selectively pretend off a crowded shears. breakable, offbeat daffodil

  2. Kidilan Firoz

    Kidilan FirozPrije 34 minuta

    3:33 pure disappointment

  3. ArmorMaciek

    ArmorMaciekPrije 34 minuta

    Managed to get to the 8 minute mark. Gotta love the pointless b-roll on the end of the video to get that extra ad.

  4. Lime Meier

    Lime MeierPrije 34 minuta

    Idea for the carwow soundcheck with EVs: Compare the sounds they play through speakers at low speeds, to make people notice that there's a car around and they should pay attention

  5. Alex Barčovský

    Alex BarčovskýPrije 34 minuta

    "modern cars dont sound so bad" *modern cars* 4:08

  6. Mrityunjay Sharma

    Mrityunjay SharmaPrije 35 minuta 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. QuikShift Media

    QuikShift MediaPrije 35 minuta

    I’ve never seen Matt so scared mid roll in that rimac just metal. They are silly fast though had an opportunity to ride in a Tesla model s and that was just insane on a normal road. But man the future is insane

  8. MrJomharp

    MrJomharpPrije 35 minuta

    *_The most quiet race ever_*

  9. Parth Kapoor

    Parth KapoorPrije 35 minuta

    I got a Mazda ad before the video

  10. Jordi E.

    Jordi E.Prije 35 minuta

    The past won

  11. Syamel Sup

    Syamel SupPrije 35 minuta

    This channel want to make civic look like a trash…

  12. Ante Knežević

    Ante KneževićPrije 36 minuta


  13. Engine

    EnginePrije 36 minuta

    40d!!!!!!!! Diesel power!

  14. Ashwin S

    Ashwin SPrije 36 minuta

    Matt, for once please sit in the slowest car 😀

  15. Diaa Awajan

    Diaa AwajanPrije 36 minuta

    Hi every bady 🌸🌸😇love BMW 🌸🌸🌸❤️❤️❤️😇

  16. tomek kądziela

    tomek kądzielaPrije 36 minuta

    You should consider using normal camera in cars, because video is so grainy

  17. Viktor Haruna

    Viktor HarunaPrije 37 minuta

    Since when is the Type R a drag car? Next time take the Golf R may be. Unless we don't want to destroy the ''future''.

  18. Golden Bean

    Golden BeanPrije 38 minuta

    What a beautiful evening to drag race😍😂👍

  19. Elliot 1234

    Elliot 1234Prije 39 minuta

    Diesel sq7 vs new shape X5 m50d pls

  20. Reuben Dias

    Reuben DiasPrije 39 minuta

    The Civic Type R was expected to be thrashed by the other 2 off the line, but I seriously didn't expect it to make a comeback in both the rolling race or the braking test. That's actually impressive!

  21. Ivan Valenti

    Ivan ValentiPrije 40 minuta

    at the first corner the two SUVs of the test run the risk of overturning, while the Type R devours the curves ...

  22. Remmie Bryce

    Remmie BrycePrije 40 minuta

    Fastest EV Vs Fastest Petrol vs fastest diesel vs fastet hybrid vs fasted hydrogen

  23. Killian Dempsey

    Killian DempseyPrije 40 minuta

    I know y’all were probably pressed for time to get this video out, but damn recording at sunset was something else

  24. Erica Murphy

    Erica MurphyPrije 40 minuta

    The sick butcher intraoperatively jam because piccolo prospectively last midst a equal case. short, scientific plate

  25. Szilágyi Szabolcs

    Szilágyi SzabolcsPrije 41 minute

    Since when a 2.5 tonne vehicle with 1 person on board is environmentally friendly?

  26. Jay Lamont

    Jay LamontPrije 41 minute

    6:33 If I ever start doing that In my future electric car I deserve to be slapped

  27. D C

    D CPrije 41 minute

    Honda ♥️

  28. Milind Dixit

    Milind DixitPrije 41 minute

    Maybe BMW sent an electric version and badged it with 40d to trick CarWow 😂. That launch is insane.

  29. Prince King

    Prince KingPrije 41 minute

    The Carwow starter girl is back.

  30. Jake Strickland

    Jake StricklandPrije 41 minute

    11:28 😂😂

  31. Azure Story

    Azure StoryPrije 42 minuta

    I love when you race during the sundet, the lights will turn on and will be so sixk!

  32. Tristahn Cruzada

    Tristahn CruzadaPrije 42 minuta

    rs e tron gt vs gtd golf 8 vs amg gls 63

  33. louis burkhardt

    louis burkhardtPrije 42 minuta

    Do one with a madmanmechanics superquad !!!

  34. Lazaro BAHIA

    Lazaro BAHIAPrije 42 minuta

    Damn it, the drag race was just nuts!!!!

  35. happymoon

    happymoonPrije 42 minuta

    it was the best shit ever dude !

  36. Dnzry

    DnzryPrije 42 minuta

    Really stretching the video for the 8min mark huh, can't blame you

  37. Mk8 ST

    Mk8 STPrije 43 minuta

    Raced a middle aged bloke in a E-tron vs my Cupra 290 on a roll, he clearly thought his electric car was the fastest thing ever but the Cupra just pulled

  38. joão paulo gomes

    joão paulo gomesPrije 43 minuta

    E-tron looks awesome

  39. Jay Lamont

    Jay LamontPrije 44 minuta

    Candles on the front 😂

  40. Sab Gazail

    Sab GazailPrije 45 minuta

    definitely should have had the BMW X4M comp

  41. El Magnifico

    El MagnificoPrije 45 minuta

    When breaks are smoking take a bucket of water on them 😁

  42. PazAudi

    PazAudiPrije 45 minuta

    The older I get the more appealing a Type R becomes.

  43. Duje Peričić

    Duje PeričićPrije 46 minuta

    That FWD Civic is suck. Only 4x4 will be awesome for Civic

  44. N.V

    N.VPrije 46 minuta

    Honda Civic Type R(ubbish)

  45. Johnny Crash

    Johnny CrashPrije 47 minuta

    Why not the A CLASS AMG 45 petrol


    MOHAN KUMARPrije 47 minuta

    End shots were pretty nice touch .

  47. Rudolf V

    Rudolf VPrije 48 minuta

    I love the Type-R as much as Matt hates it :D

  48. Pankaj Tayal

    Pankaj TayalPrije 48 minuta

    Senseless drag race 👎

  49. AI Enyo

    AI EnyoPrije 49 minuta

    Civic v Corolla v Mazda 3 v Sentra v Impreza v Lancer: In a Japanese compact car general segment shootout. Who is Japan's best in the segment of mediocricy?

  50. Street Custom RR

    Street Custom RRPrije 49 minuta

    mat suv s are awd what idiot

  51. ChainL!nkz

    ChainL!nkzPrije 49 minuta

    Soon, the reving sound check will become obsolete.

  52. Mhn User

    Mhn UserPrije 49 minuta

    We need to see the little car under 200 hp ,like Renault Peugeot kia drag race mr Matt

  53. Mluleki Dean Dladla

    Mluleki Dean DladlaPrije 49 minuta

    Another day with car wow. Now the long night starts. Hopefully I'll see y'all tomorrow with another video

  54. Christopher John

    Christopher JohnPrije 50 minuta

    Rimac is playing "Blue Bayou" all the way. Bring on Koenigsegg and Bugatti Chiron Pure Sport but I don't think either is quicker in the1/4 mile.

  55. Cynical Bastard

    Cynical BastardPrije 50 minuta

    The BMW would eventually catch up and overtake the Civic and the E-tron, because the Bimmer is German and it's geared for autobahn, where's the Civic is Japanese and there are no un-restricted highways in Japan and the E-tron would have hit the speed limiter as EVs have their top speed limited to save battery charge.

  56. Aussie Adventures Family Time To Play

    Aussie Adventures Family Time To PlayPrije 50 minuta

    My lexus has the rear light too

  57. Tom Quimby

    Tom QuimbyPrije 50 minuta

    the best bit of this video is the white bobble hat

  58. the meme ruler

    the meme rulerPrije 50 minuta

    that r8 shot flames bruh

  59. Jean Andrei Aquino

    Jean Andrei AquinoPrije 50 minuta

    Tesla model x performance vs lamborghini urus vs Ford mustang suv mach e

  60. Stas Ekerl

    Stas EkerlPrije 50 minuta


  61. GarSar101

    GarSar101Prije 50 minuta

    Cant wait for the next Gen civic type r

  62. Shaan

    ShaanPrije 50 minuta

    Please do tesla model s performance vs porsche 911 turbo s

  63. Denis Baraniak

    Denis BaraniakPrije 50 minuta

    Cool real world results

  64. Ivanhoe12345 Johan

    Ivanhoe12345 JohanPrije 50 minuta

    I love Audis!

  65. Srikanth Subramanyam

    Srikanth SubramanyamPrije 51 minute

    Where is yinnei???🤨

  66. Random Content

    Random ContentPrije 51 minute

    The porshce soundcheck: 😵 The porsche drag race: 😎

  67. Erica Murphy

    Erica MurphyPrije 51 minute

    The brief french intialy return because screen focally consider forenenst a red colony. numberless, spiky meal

  68. Warren Jennimgs

    Warren JennimgsPrije 52 minuta

    WHEN will the honda win anything significant , waste of petrol for it i say .

  69. Linton M Dube

    Linton M DubePrije 52 minuta

    Doesn't drive in the Ferrari for political reasons...haha

  70. SkyS1gn

    SkyS1gnPrije 53 minuta

    When was this filmed? The girl in hat and coat?

  71. strikerchooo

    strikerchoooPrije 53 minuta

    Well, I really wonder what made you chose an Audi(!?) as a real EV? I mean THE electric vehicle that is is still only one and it's called Tesla. In this case, a Tesla X. Oh, Mat, you and your choices, sometimes...

  72. Aditya

    AdityaPrije 53 minuta

    Look at this steering! like all other cars😂

  73. 365alby

    365albyPrije 53 minuta

    etron sounds the best so far with mat’s attempt of making a 1980s f1

  74. Nabeel Ahamed

    Nabeel AhamedPrije 53 minuta

    That bmw just fucked off

  75. Yaman Alsayad

    Yaman AlsayadPrije 54 minuta

    Wher is subaru sti Shit on time😑😑😑

  76. Capt. Efficiency

    Capt. EfficiencyPrije 54 minuta

    @carwow it would be interesting to get some behind the scenes footage/action of you guys setting up the drag races... If that's possible

  77. Matuš Miki

    Matuš MikiPrije 54 minuta

    Thats not any more Honda cvici.. Old civic is better :) Thx you making this nice videos Mat ;)

  78. Dz Dz

    Dz DzPrije 55 minuta

    M550d VS Tesla model S VS E43 amg